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  • Duration 4 Days
  • Cost from US$ 199
  • Tour Style Package Tours


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THE ITINERARY - tuk tuk + car 5seats angkor wat bantay srey 4 Days

AM: Upon your Arrival / hotel at 8: 00 Am meet Driver/ guide To Avoid From Crowed of busy high season => Visit Kbal Spean 1000 of Linga => Bantay Srey ( lady cetanel )  Peah Khan temple => Neak Pean => Tam Som ( The entance with Tree at east tower ) => East Mebon => The Sunset at Preah Rup with Top views of templesrice paddy end of tour.

Day 2 =>> AM: Get up earlier at 5 : 00 AM to See sunrise at the Angkor Wat, Breakfast at Local restaurant / hotel => claim up to top of Phnom Bakeng get view all the Siem Rea Town / temples area =>> South gate of Angkor Thomwith two lines of images hold the Naga lead tower of city sourounding by moat. =>Ancient Angkor High Way bridge => Bayon 54 tower with 216 Charming smile faces=.>Baphoun => Phi Meanakas=> Royal Palace => Peah Pilalay => The Terrace of Elephants=> Terrace of Leper King in cluding North Kleang => Takoe => Taphroum  giant toproof tree ( tomb Raider temple ) Then visit the largest Monument Angkor Wat temple  free service, if you wish to see Apsara Dance with buffet Dinner  transfer back to hotel end of tour

Day 3 => Visitors to Beng Mealea are confronted with a mass of ruins half devoured by a ravenous jungle. The temple's abandoned stones lie like forgotten jewels swathed in lichen and its temple complex strangled by ivy and vines. Brought to you by the same man who built Angkor Wat, King Suryavarman II, it is similar in style to his later effort but receives only a fraction of the guests. Beng Mealea is 70km northeast of Siem Reap on a sealed private road. You can get pass $5 USD then back to Rolous Group temples visit The very first site of the ancient Khmer civilisation was here in Roluos, then known as Hariharalaya. The temples of Roluos were built by King Indravarman I (r 877-89). The first was Preah Ko (Sacred Bull) named after the Nandin statue found on site. Preah Ko has six brick towers each dedicated to his parents, maternal grandparents and to King Jayavarman II and his wife.
Next came Bakong, a terrestrial version of the celestial Mount Meru. It is a five-tiered pyramid-temple and was the inspiration for many of the temples that followed.

afternoon visit floating village/ flooded forest community Of Kampong Phluk sunset to hotel

Day4 Phnom Kulen

visit Relaying Buddha at Top and Secret river of one Thousand Linga where cove at river Bank then learn little water resource coming to river then enjoy swimming Water fall 4-30 Metters enjoy the  Pool with fishes message

The Kulen Mountain From a lofty height of 30m, the Phnom Kulen waterfall cascades off the mountain where King Jayavarman II announced independence from Java and proclaimed himself  god-king. The river here also runs over lingas and is an attractive sight for modern-day pilgrims. There is also an 8m-long reclining Buddha and a small temple nearby.

There is also a little explored unnamed set of ruins at the foot of the mountain that is gaining mythical status among locals. Not many know how to get there, though they know of its existence. Would-be explorers are challenged to find it!

Transport with english speakign  Driver :

- Tuk Tu  + Car 5seats $ 199 USD ( 2-3pax )

- A/C Car English-speaking Driver = $ 215 USD ( 2- 4 Pax)  |

- A/C Van = $ 265 USD ( 5-9 Pax )


Transport + English-speaking Tour Guide  

A/C 5seats Car = $ 389 USD |

A/C Van $ 415 USD

- included Gasoline, toool, Parking

-Provide cold water during the tour

- excluded Tickets, entrance fee, temples pass

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